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10 de AGO de 2017  

What is a Simple Land Registry Note and what is it for?

The Simple Note offers very useful information when buying a real estate. It is a document offered by an official institution that is a great source o...

08 de AGO de 2017  

Documents and formalities necessary to sell your flat

Documents and formalities necessary for the sale of your apartment: 1. National Identity Document, Resident Card in force, or valid passport, of al...

08 de AGO de 2017  

What do I have to do after buying a home?

Once we have purchased the house and signed the deed of purchase before a notary, it is necessary to perform certain procedures, such as payment of ta...

07 de AGO de 2017  

What expenses does it cost to sell a home?

Although always analyzed from the point of view of the buyer, selling a home carries with it a series of expenses and taxes that the owner must take i...

07 de AGO de 2017  

What expenses does it take to buy a home?

Buying a home is one of the most important investments. Knowing the expenses and taxes that must be paid is one of the most relevant issues. A sum tha...

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